Affidavit of Support Dubai

Lets discuss the affidavit support in Dubai. The article will be explaining this in little details and throw the light on the important steps. Please contact the professional and licensed attorneys, if you want to grab the more details or having attentions to proceed legally. The online information obtained or presented can be outdated or false as well. Therefore, we recommend to consult the lawyers

Step 1:

Take an unsigned affidavit to a Dubai/UAE public notary. You need to make sure that that the affidavit should not be signed and has not been signed earlier. In order for the public notary in Dubai to confirm your identity, don’t forget to provide the appropriate identification documents. The identity document must be current and not out of date. Passports, Emirates IDs, and driver’s licenses etc are the acceptable documents. For clients who have lost their identifying documents due to a disaster, such as floods and fires, the notary will use their discretion.

Step 2:

Submit a Notarization Application. Complete the form of your preferred notary public after preparing your affidavit for the services. Keep in mind that incomplete requests will not be accepted by public notaries. They will also look for any gaps in your affidavit. To be sure someone is available to handle your request, you can also schedule an appointment with a public notary in Dubai.

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Step 3:

Ask the public notary to confirm your identity documents. Based on the identification provided, a notary public confirms the signatory’s identity. It is possible to arrange for a notary public to prepare a document for you, particularly for affidavits. During your appointment for notarizing an affidavit in Dubai, you will sign it.

Step 4:

Sign the paperwork. The public notary will ask you to sign the affidavit. Public Notary will be watching the action to determine influence. The process will end if the public notary believes that

Step 5:

The public notary must sign. At least 1 credible witness, who is a public notary in Dubai, is included as one of the document signatories for notarized affidavits in that city. The notary records the transaction in the official. Your affidavit will also receive the official public seal or stamp from a public notary. Your affidavit is now notarized as a result of this. Pay the notary as the last step. The use of the affidavit and the location where you have it notarized will determine the notarial fees.

Important Note:

As we stated above that, if you are planning to go through some big matter then please contact the top Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants in United Arab Emirates.

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