Roundglass Punjab FC vs Kerala Blasters Player Ratings – A Match Analysis

Roundglass Punjab FC vs Kerala Blasters Player Ratings – A Comprehensive Match Analysis

Roundglass Punjab FC and Kerala Blasters recently clashed in an intense football match that left fans on the edge of their seats. Both teams showcased their skills and strategies, resulting in a thrilling game that ended in a draw. Let’s dive into a detailed analysis of the player performances from both sides, highlighting key moments and standout players.

Player Ratings – Roundglass Punjab FC:

1. Goalkeeper:
Arshdeep Singh (7/10): Arshdeep made some crucial saves throughout the game, keeping his team in the match with his sharp reflexes and positioning.

2. Defenders:
Sanju Pradhan (6.5/10): Sanju displayed good defensive skills but lacked precision in some crucial moments.
Loveday Enyinnaya (8/10): Loveday put up a solid performance, showcasing strong tackles and excellent positioning.

3. Midfielders:
Mohammed Irshad (7.5/10): Irshad controlled the midfield well, distributing the ball effectively and supporting the attack.
Bikash Yumnam (6/10): Yumnam’s performance was average, with some misplaced passes and lack of impact.

4. Forwards:
Chencho Gyeltshen (8.5/10): Chencho was the standout player for Roundglass Punjab FC, scoring a crucial goal and creating multiple goal-scoring opportunities.

Player Ratings – Kerala Blasters:

1. Goalkeeper:
Albino Gomes (6.5/10): Albino made some important saves but also showed vulnerability in certain situations.

2. Defenders:
Bakary Kone (7/10): Kone put in a decent performance, showcasing his experience and composure in defense.
Nishu Kumar (5.5/10): Nishu struggled at times to contain the opposition’s attacks, leading to some challenging moments for Kerala Blasters.

3. Midfielders:
Vicente Gomez (7.5/10): Gomez controlled the midfield with his passing range and defensive contributions.
Sergio Cidoncha (6/10): Cidoncha had a quiet game, failing to make a significant impact in the midfield battle.

4. Forwards:
Jordan Murray (7/10): Murray worked hard upfront, creating opportunities for his team but failing to find the back of the net.

Key Moments:
Chencho’s Goal: Chencho Gyeltshen’s goal for Roundglass Punjab FC showcased his clinical finishing and ability to seize key moments in the game.
Albino’s Save: Albino Gomes’ crucial save in the dying minutes of the match denied Roundglass Punjab FC a late winner, highlighting his shot-stopping abilities.

Standout Players:
Chencho Gyeltshen (Roundglass Punjab FC): Chencho’s attacking prowess and goal-scoring instincts were instrumental in his team’s performance.
Loveday Enyinnaya (Roundglass Punjab FC): Loveday’s defensive solidity and leadership at the back were key to Roundglass Punjab FC’s resilience.

The match between Roundglass Punjab FC and Kerala Blasters was a closely contested affair, with both teams showcasing moments of brilliance and grit. The player ratings reflect the individual performances that influenced the outcome of the game, with standout players making a significant impact on the field.


1. Who was the top scorer of the match?
– Chencho Gyeltshen from Roundglass Punjab FC was the top scorer of the match.

2. Which goalkeeper made more saves in the game?
– Arshdeep Singh from Roundglass Punjab FC made more saves compared to Albino Gomes from Kerala Blasters.

3. Did any player receive a red card during the match?
– No, there were no red cards shown during the Roundglass Punjab FC vs Kerala Blasters match.

4. Which team had more possession during the game?
– Roundglass Punjab FC had slightly more possession compared to Kerala Blasters throughout the match.

5. Were there any injuries during the game that impacted the teams?
– Both teams had minor injuries during the match, but none led to players being substituted off.

6. How did the weather conditions affect the gameplay?
– The weather conditions were favorable, with no significant impact on the gameplay for both teams.

7. Were there any controversial refereeing decisions that affected the match?
– There were no major controversial refereeing decisions that had a significant impact on the outcome of the game.

8. Which team showed better teamwork on the field?
– Both Roundglass Punjab FC and Kerala Blasters displayed good teamwork and coordination during the match.

9. Did any substitutes make a notable impact after coming on the field?
– Some substitutes made a positive impact, providing fresh legs and energy to their respective teams.

10. How did the coaches’ tactics influence the game’s outcome?
– The coaches’ tactics played a crucial role in shaping the game, with strategic decisions impacting the flow of the match and teams’ performances.

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